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Support for macOS Catalina

Now that it will be possible to easily port iPad apps to the Mac with the Catalyst program, I would like to put in a request to port the BeOrg iPad app to macOS. According to the hype, it is just a few hours work to port an iPad app to macOS.

I am not an Emacs user, and get by using Atom with the Organize plugin for viewing my Org files on macOS, but the Beorg interface is far, far superior.

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I certainly will be looking to use Catalyst to offer beorg on macOS. I think there is a lot of potential there, and not only for users which don't currently use Emacs but also for offering notifications, etc.

One trickiness for developers is that you need to be running the fairly buggy Catalina build to do the development - so like with many developers I probably won't be looking to release anything until later this year with development starting when Catalina is released. As with many indie developers much of my workload is developing apps for third parties so I need my production machine to be relatively stable!

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yes please to a Mac App! I love using beorg, but feel somewhat limited only having on my phone.

I did finally look at Mac Catalyst recently to bring another of my apps to macOS (a much, much simpler app than beorg which is why I did that one first). I did also start looking at rewriting the core org file parsing and searching code as a Swift library with the aim of open sourcing this and writing a command line interface - however I haven't got very far yet. I realise this doesn't really say much as to when, if ever, a macOS app would be available but it isn't something I've abandoned the idea of doing at some point!

Thats exciting! I'm happy to hear you haven't abandoned the idea :)

Perhaps you or someone here might have some advice to point me in the right direction in the meantime until beorg is maybe available on macos. I really only use beorg for the feature of foldable note taking so that I have 1 text file for everything. I dont use any of the other org features other than the layers (* ** ***  etc).   

Things I cant find in a Mac / IOS syncable application:

-foldable text editor that presents clean text (I like that  beorg doesnt present org formatting [*] unless specified.)

-I love that beorg starts up with everything prefolded

any ideas ?  I thought about syncing text files over dropbox/icloud and using sublime text editor for code folding on desktop and maybe something else on ios comparible. the only problem is I'd rather not use org mode in sublime. I'm not much of  a programmer, so seeing all the formatting for general note taking is not ideal.  

I'm afraid I've not come across anything which would to this. The main issue last time I looked at using beorg with Mac Catalyst was the syncing. However beorg now has a folder sync method which I could potentially make the only option on macOS - which is probably what would be wanted anyway. I'll see if I can have a play in the next couple of weeks with this and see the feasibility of making this happen.

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oh no worries. :) thanks for the thoughtful response.  

and that would be brilliant if it worked out! I'll keep an eye out on here in case you have any updates.

Likewise, I think a MacOS version would be excellent, especially for a great way to see the combination of Apple Calendar events and Apple Reminders integrated with the org-mode calendar and reminders.

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