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Support for macOS Catalina

Now that it will be possible to easily port iPad apps to the Mac with the Catalyst program, I would like to put in a request to port the BeOrg iPad app to macOS. According to the hype, it is just a few hours work to port an iPad app to macOS.

I am not an Emacs user, and get by using Atom with the Organize plugin for viewing my Org files on macOS, but the Beorg interface is far, far superior.

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I certainly will be looking to use Catalyst to offer beorg on macOS. I think there is a lot of potential there, and not only for users which don't currently use Emacs but also for offering notifications, etc.

One trickiness for developers is that you need to be running the fairly buggy Catalina build to do the development - so like with many developers I probably won't be looking to release anything until later this year with development starting when Catalina is released. As with many indie developers much of my workload is developing apps for third parties so I need my production machine to be relatively stable!

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