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Support Effort Estimates

Related to feature requests around supporting Properties Drawers -- it would be awesome if Beorg supported org-mode's "effort" properties.

Effort is a special property type in org-mode which lets you do things like filter your todo list by effort. E.g. I can create searches like "show me all tasks I can do at work that will take 30 minutes or less."

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Support for property drawers might be a challenge, but it would be an awesome addition. Maybe a good priority.

beorg does support some simple property drawer searches in the current version. In the next update you'll be able to create Scheme searches based on property drawers. Eventually I'll need to beef up the 'simple' search syntax to allow less technical users to create searches such as Jeff suggested, but at least with the upcoming Scheme search enhancement it will be at least possible!


I put together some simple searches that include terms like "r Effort 0:30" to show all items that have an Effort property of 30 mins. Seems to work!

I'd love to have the ability to take this further and do ==, >, and < operations on this, to say "show me all tasks with an Effort less than or equal to 1 hour"

Maybe this is already possible with a Scheme search? 

Scheme support for properties will be in the next release of beorg. You'll then be able to construct expressions such as:

(<= (string->number (item-property item "Value")) 10)

For your example there would need to be some additional methods to convert "0:30" to minutes. So with a little work (I haven't implemented these yet, but may do in due course - or could of course be added by users) you could write something like...

(<= (effort item) 30) show all items with an effort of less than 30 mins.

Once I've got support for property drawers then all kinds of exciting searches will be open to users. Hopefully not too long before I do this.

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