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Support #+FILETAGS: options

I love the new(ish) tag inheritance features in Beorg!

One additional feature that would be useful to me is if Beorg supported my current #+FILETAGS: options in my org-mode files.

For example, some of my .org files have "#+FILETAGS: @work" at the top, so in org-mode in Emacs, every headline in that file inherits the @work tag.

I'm currently working around this with a saved search that looks for the tag or whether it's in particular files... but it would be great if Beorg supported the FILETAGS option.

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Thanks for the suggestion. To be honest I wasn't aware of the FILETAGS option. Currently beorg doesn't interpret any options in Org mode files. I hope to change this at some point as lots of fun stuff can then happen :)

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