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org-journal Support

Using org-journal on OSX, generates daily/monthly/yearly journal files without  file extension (e.g. 20190101).  The problem is that putting an .org extension (e.g.  breaks org-journal search function.

In beorg side, since these journal files have no extension, they can't be seen in beorg, hence impossible to create a template for them.

Is it possible in beorg to create a specific settings for  downloading journal files which have no extension?



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You can set org-journal-file-format to have org-journal include a file extension. I'm not an org-journal user myself (at the moment anyway!) so haven't tried this.

Can you use a script to create link files for all the org-journal files?  Then run the script on (say) a 1 minute timer to check for any new journal files and create the link?

@Matthew, if you check README  of org-journal for spacemacs, there is a warning stating changing org-journal-file-format breaks the search:

> Warning: setting org-journal-file-format to include a file extension like would break the calendar search functionality.

It should be easy to create a bash script that runs through the org-journal directory and symbolically links every file to another directory and adds a .org on the file name. Something like: cd $org-journal-dir find . -name “[0-9]*” -exec “ln -s {} $ojd2/{}.org” Then just sync $ojd2 to your iOS system.
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