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Option to open links in Safari as opposed to in-app Safari?

 Hi Matthew,

It would be really useful if links can be opened in the Safari app, rather than being opened in in-app Safari currently, e.g. Twitter links don't open in in-app Safari as Twitter thinks it's a bot or something, but Twitter links open fine in the actual Safari app.


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In iPadOS 13.1 I do not see an option to open in Safari, I can share to Brave and Firefox though. One of my tasks is to exercise, so I have it open for my workout calendar and then split the window to be able to mark the workouts complete while the other window allows playing the video. Just to complicate it more, the video in the web page needs to launch YouTube so that I can Chromecast the video to the TV. I don't have an Apple TV in the workout room.

My other links work just fine and I may just call Shortcuts instead in this one case to open Safari.

Is the link in the task title/headline - or in the task notes? If you could describe how you are trying to open the link (e.g. long pressing on the link in the task headline from the agenda tab) that would be great.

I have it in the task notes section and perform a long press while in viewing TODO.

I created a shortcut to Open in Safari and that works well for me.

You can hold down your finger on a link and then choose to open in Safari (or copy the URL, etc).

Thanks, that's a useful tip.

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