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Saving older versions of org-files

In Beorg you can either "revert" or "view" older versions of org-files.

I would like the possibility to "save" older versions.

In case of sync conflicts, I can then save the Beorg-version and use "ediff" in emacs to stitch the two conflicted versions together.

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Thank you for this suggestion. I've made a note of this and will review for a future update.

You can view the full text of a file when viewing a version however copying anything more than a small amount of a large file is a pain as selecting text is tricky.

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Strongly agree with this suggestion.  By the way, Dropbox's desktop client's behavior when the mobile client syncs first is to create a separate file with "(HOSTNAME's conflicted copy DATE)" or some similar format. appended

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Yes, I support what Aaron suggest, that a conflicted copy is created in the org sync directory.

This solution would work for my workflow

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