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Files without contents on Beorg

The files appears on the list, the date modified too, right. But when I go to open them some are empty.

Maybe I have to close my Aquamacs on desktop?

I am using emacs Aquamacs on a Mac.

Anyway your app is fantastic and I really want to use it.


(I've replied to this as a ticket, for other forum users reference here is what I said...)

If you don't have Emacs set to autosave buffers on a regular basis then you may create a new file in Emacs, add content but it doesn't actually get saved until you tell Emacs to do this. Similarly if you haven't configured Emacs to reload files automatically you might make changes in beorg and then not see those changes in Emacs until you reload the file. I personally have configured Emacs with the following so changes are automatically reloaded:

(global-auto-revert-mode t)

Thank you for the answer Matthew.

The strange behavior happen only using Aquamacs. If I use Emacs Version 26.2 I don't have any problem.

But don't mind for this, maybe there is a configuration problem, i will use Emacs only and in the future maybe I'll investigate to solve the problem.

Thanks again, great work.

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