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Support files synchronization with github?


Thank you for the beorg! It is an awesome tool!

It would be nice to have an ability to sync with some repo directory.

Before beorg I used my private github repository to keep my org files.

Now I'm using ownclound, but github was easier to use.


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Hi Matthew,

I got it. I have a linux as main system, not Mac. So working copy couldn't work for me.

But I could try to implement what I want by myself, using interfaces, which are already supported by beorg.

Thank you for your efforts with beorg.

Choosing iCloud Drive for beorg is purely to allow Working Copy to see the org files so it can handle committing to git. You would use Working Copy to push and pull from your git repo allowing you to see the atomic changes.

Whilst I would love to have full support for git in beorg it is a large project and beorg is still fairly early on the road to being even vaguely profitable.

Hi Matthew,

Thank you for your prompt answer.

Yes, I can, but my main working computer is linux based. Also icloud doesn't give us ability to see atomic changes, but github allows to see as git commits.


You can use Working Copy for this by setting up (in Working Copy) a "synced directory" and choosing the beorg directory in iCloud Drive.

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