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Save active tab on restore

Now if I open app in some time it resets active tab to agenda. But as for me I’d almost don’t use it at all. All of my use cases are spreading between files and todos tabs. So now I used to tap on one of them on mostly every app opens to switch from agenda. It’ll be cool if I’d not do this.

In beorg:

+ Tap the Settings tab

+ Start the REPL (top right button)

+ Tap the REPL help (top right button)

+ On the first line of the help is a link to show

The available above does include some documentation (although could be improved) to give you an idea of what can be changed.

Thank you! This is very useful. Where can I find some socks about available command like UI-start-tab?

You can set the tab to open by default. If you haven't used the beorg before see Then in your add (substitute todo for files if wanted):

(set! ui-start-tab "todo")

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