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Supporting multiple org-todo-keywords sequences

I have different kind of tasks where I use different keyword sequences, e.g. for single actions and other for projects.

An example can you find here:

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Thanks for the suggestion. This is one of those features which would be fantastic - but the current economics of beorg mean it's likely a little way off unfortunately.

Anyhow, I think your doing great work with beorg and I hope you can earn your proper share. I don't have clue how successful such app can be, but I bought all extensions - even Box support without using Box and from time to time I tip something.

Maybe an inexpensive subscription as patronage could bring some money in, e.g. Twitterrific with 0,99 USD per month or a year rate under 10 bucks. And if the people renew after a year your cut would raise. Just an idea.

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