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Supporting multiple org-todo-keywords sequences

I have different kind of tasks where I use different keyword sequences, e.g. for single actions and other for projects.

An example can you find here:

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Thanks for the suggestion. This is one of those features which would be fantastic - but the current economics of beorg mean it's likely a little way off unfortunately.

Anyhow, I think your doing great work with beorg and I hope you can earn your proper share. I don't have clue how successful such app can be, but I bought all extensions - even Box support without using Box and from time to time I tip something.

Maybe an inexpensive subscription as patronage could bring some money in, e.g. Twitterrific with 0,99 USD per month or a year rate under 10 bucks. And if the people renew after a year your cut would raise. Just an idea.

Hi, first, great work on this app! Has there been any development on this? It may be worth changing the tag to an issue, I noticed that when I make changes from Beorg my additional keywords that I use (eg CANCELLED) get overwritten and subsequently my cancelled items show up in my Org agenda view and I need to re-cancel them. Specifically what happens is * CANCELLED [#A] a cancelled item becomes * [#A] CANCELLED a cancelled item

There hasn'y been any real development on addressing this request. However beorg does now parse and keep track of file scoped properties (not sure if that is exactly what they are called in Org mode) such as you would use for support for this feature - although it doesn't expose any of this at a user level yet. So maybe a very tiny step forward to making this happen.

Hi Chris, I may have misunderstood this but if CANCELLED is a custom closed state rather than (or as well as) a keyword you could filter the Agenda to show only open items.

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