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LaTeX support in notes

Apart from TODO tracking, I use org-mode for note-taking as well. For people like me, it would be very helpful to render the formulas written in LaTeX in Notes section. The specifications of this feature might be open to discussion (maybe similar to Dynalist's).

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This is a possible future feature. There is a great JavaScript library for this called MathJax so probably shouldn't be too hard.

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Is it possible for you to add LaTeX preview with MathJax ( soon? Will be huge improvement for students/researchers using org-mode to prepare papers, taking notes..

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If you would like to help beta test such a feature please let me know and I'll add you to TestFlight to see if my initial implementation of this works.

I second this suggestion. Not even editing, just rendering latex would be wonderful. 

This is in the current released version of beorg. Use the normal MathJax $$ syntax.

It does not correctly preview inline Latex equations please see the attachment images:



Thank you for reporting this. It is a known issue, I haven't yet found an easy way to work around it. It is however on my list of things to look at.

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Any news on this topic? Rendering latex in preview would be awesome!

I haven't made any improvements recently to the MathJax support in beorg, however still an item in my TODO list.

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