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Encryption support

What about encryption support? I've found only one same feature request

I agree about unauthorised access to own mobile phone, but what about unencrypted sensitive orgfiles in sharing services (Dropbox / nextcloud / etc.)? It needs for easy syncing orgfiles between devices. For example, MobileOrg has org-mobile support ( But will be great has support for standard emacs org encryption - gpg files.

P.S. Support pin / touch id /face id is a nice privacy optional feature, but it's an another case.

I do plan on eventually including PGP encryption so as to be compatible with how this works generally in Emacs / Org mode ( No ETA yet though on this being implemented, but I have started doing some research on what's required.

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Cool! Thanks for your work. We're waiting for it...

I also like to see encryption support. Although personally I would prefer something like Cryptomator and a popular sync method, e.g. Dropbox, Box, ...

GPG is fine but it's awkward to use.

Any encryption added in beorg will try to be compatible with how people use encryption in Emacs generally. It would be interesting to here from users how they do use encryption to give me more of a steer on this. I hadn't heard of Cryptomator and whilst it sounds interesting might be a little too niche - but I'm happy to be persuaded otherwise!

Fair point. I guess people who use Emacs & orgmode will finally also figure out how gpg works. :-) It's better to stick with established and common solutions.

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