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Resilio Syn

Hi, Is it possible to use Resilio (BitTorrent) for syncing? If so, how? I‘d imagine I would just need to point beorg to my local (on my iPhone) Resilio Sync folder but couldn’t figure it out yet. Thanks.

Hello. I haven't heard of Resilio sync - sounds like an interesting solution! I hope to add support for pointing Resilio sync at locations available via the Files provider in a future version, however isn't currently supported. Does Resilio sync support appearing in the Files app?

Hi Matthew, everything Resilio syncs is available in the Files app in the „Sync“ folder. It is indeed a good solution. Especially for someone who does not want to store files on someone else’s server. Thanks for your reply, it would be great to see it being supported in the future!
+1 for resilio sync support. This would be a huge feature. Will tip via IAP to encourage development! Beorg is one of the last reasons I keep my Dropbox account running. The 3 device limit has crippled Dropbox for me.
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