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Support for Google Drive

Hi: I would love if Google Drive is added as an option for cloud sync. I tried iCloud but does not sync well on Windows and I use Google Drive only as my cloud storage. 

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Thanks for your feature request. I don't get too many requests for Google Drive support at the moment. Hopefully if I continue to grow the number of beorg users (and users who purchase extensions, etc) then it will become feasible to look at providing this support. 

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I'd love to buy an extension with google drive support. Was using dropbox, but now they have a 3 device limitation. iCloud and Box won't work for me, having a WebDAV server is a somewhat doable, but i'd prefer to buy an extension like you have for the Box

Another vote for Google drive support. At work Dropbox, Box, Onedrive & iCloud are all blocked but not Google drive.

+1 Google Drive sync

+1 Google Drive sync please (would happily pay for feature)

I’ve been waiting for Google Drive support for a long time. Many of us like to manage everything from a single google account. Drive has a pretty large portion of the market cap. This type of syncing would add a huge value to beorg. Would definitely pay for an extension

Google Driver support would be great. I would gladly support it! Can features be voted on? How do you know know when there are enough people interested?

The previous sync extension I added (for Box) didn't really get too much usage, despite signs that it was important for quite a lot of people. It's difficult to judge how many people would benefit from Google Drive support so far. My aim next (in terms of sync) is to allow beorg to choose a folder from another app as it's sync source. If Google Drive acts as a document provider then it should be covered by that feature (in theory!)

Yeah, it's a tough call. I can understand that. I'm currently just using a service to sync Dropbox with Google Drive 路‍♂️

Allowing beorg to choose a folder from another app sounds like a great idea! I wasn't aware that was a possibility. Is this what you are referring to: It seems simpler than integrating different external APIs if you can use the file system that those apps are already using directly.

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Yes, using those facilities in iOS is the intention. You would also be able to use it with apps such as Working Copy to have beorg use a git repository to sync with, etc.

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