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Support for Google Drive

Hi: I would love if Google Drive is added as an option for cloud sync. I tried iCloud but does not sync well on Windows and I use Google Drive only as my cloud storage. 

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don't support the user picking a folder and granting access to all of the files within it to another app

Please excuse me if I misunderstood your point, but isn't it what you can do with some reader apps? Like on my iPad I can attach my Dropbox or Google Drive to apps like Adobe Reader or Liquid Text, pull books from those folders, make notes and save modified PDFs back. Is it different for apps like BeOrg?

beorg keeps a local copy of all the org files it works with. This allows beorg to work offline regardless of which sync method it is working with. So when beorg starts, if you modify a file in beorg or if you tap the sync button then beorg works out which files it has changed, which files were changed remotely (e.g. in Dropbox) and then copies files as appropriate to and from from the remote source (e.g. Dropbox). Some file provider apps on iOS allow another app to select a folder and then the initiating app can transparently work with that folder. This works for apps such as Working Copy and Secure ShellFish. In my testing however Google Drive don't allow another app to select a whole folder to work with - they only allow you to select an individual file at a time.

Potentially I could have beorg get the user to select each individual org file they wanted to use within beorg - however for many use cases where changes are also being made in macOS/Windows/Linux this would prove to be a limitation as new files wouldn't be automatically pulled into beorg and shown on the agenda, tasks or files tabs.

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I think having new files pulled in automatically is a "nice to have" - the advantage of having lots of file providers accessible through a system-level mechanism IMHO outweighs the disadvantage that on a few of them the user might have to select new files manually.

+1 for Google drive
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