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Support for Google Drive

Hi: I would love if Google Drive is added as an option for cloud sync. I tried iCloud but does not sync well on Windows and I use Google Drive only as my cloud storage. 

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Thanks for your feature request. I don't get too many requests for Google Drive support at the moment. Hopefully if I continue to grow the number of beorg users (and users who purchase extensions, etc) then it will become feasible to look at providing this support. 

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I'd love to buy an extension with google drive support. Was using dropbox, but now they have a 3 device limitation. iCloud and Box won't work for me, having a WebDAV server is a somewhat doable, but i'd prefer to buy an extension like you have for the Box

Another vote for Google drive support. At work Dropbox, Box, Onedrive & iCloud are all blocked but not Google drive.

+1 Google Drive sync

+1 Google Drive sync please (would happily pay for feature)

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