beorg 2.14.0

This release adds a couple of handy new features. First up is that a CLOSED date is added to completed items - this allows you to track when you finished tasks. Secondly is the ability to add quick notes to items. Swipe from right-to-left on an item on the Agenda or TODO tab to bring up the task states (TODO, DONE, etc). At the top is a new option "Add Note...". This will open the text editor and then add whatever you entered as a note inside the item. This works great for recording progress on particular tasks.

There are a few bug fixes in this release as well:

- Org mode notes (now supported in beorg) have improved rendering.
- Pinned files which contain spaces now work as expected.
- SCHEDULED, DEADLINE and CLOSED date entries now all appear on one line in the saved .org file.
- Users who want to initiate a search with only two characters (a common requirement in some languages) can now set a filter-min-chars Scheme variable.

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