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Bug: Change in tags position ?

 Not sure how this is happening yet, but I suspect that BeOrg is involved.  I tend to put my .org files into CVS.  Lately, I've been noticing that CVS sometimes reports the only change is the position of the Tags on the Header line.  For awhile, I assumed that it was something in the settings of Orgmode in Emacs, but I couldn't find anything.  In theory, Orgmode should always be positioning the tags such that they end at a certain column (haven't found the variable yet), so, if I don't change the tags, there should be no change for CVS to pick up.  This last time, I noticed that a file that I Rsynced  over from my BeOrg Dropbox area had changed the position of the tags.   I think it was the only file that I had looked at in BeOrg Files -- I don't think I had changed anything.  A diff on the file with my backup showed the only difference was the position of the tags on the header lines.  Looking at it even further, it appears that not every header line with tags was affected (perhaps the ones that were affected were the ones that were unfolded?) and that those that were affected had extra space added.

As I said, this is a little strange and I'm making some guesses that maybe you'll spot something from the inside.

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Ahh, using REPL, I found that org-tags-column is set to -77 whereas I'm trying to set it to 0 in 

Am I getting the variable name wrong?

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org-tags-column is correct. So...

(set! org-tags-column 0)

...should work in beorg. In the REPL you can type (documentation 'org-tags-column) to get a description of this variable.

If its not working please provide a file showing how this has transformed the tags and I'll take a more detailed look.

I meet the same problem today, I want to do

(set! org-tags-column 0)

  in `` but it have no effect.

I will attach my, you can simply reproduce this by just create an item with tag in any file. 

(1.09 KB)

I think your issue is that you've got an error in your

(set! editor-toolbar-show-in-mini #y)

should be

(set! editor-toolbar-show-in-mini #t)

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Thanks a lot!

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