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Timestamping state changes ?

Org has the ability to timestamp state changes.  For instance, when you mark a TODO as DONE, it adds a timestamp for when it was done.  You can also mark timestamps for when you moved it to WAITING for return a phone call and such (with side notes).

Can you do this in BeOrg?

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This question has been asked before (, but I am also keen to hear an update on this

There's no update yet on this. It is still planned for a future update.

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Along these same lines, time stamping a recurring item when it is marked done and gets its deadline updated  would be very helpful in keeping a record of periodic completions.

The latest version does record state changes when repeating events get completed.

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Will it be possible to also record generic state changes in the future? That would be really awesome for keeping track of things and doing some interesting analysis! 

The code is already written to do this I just need to add a Scheme variable so it can be turned on. I've made a note of this and will look at this for a future update.

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Just wanted to say two things: 1. Thank you, Matthew, for your continued work on this awesome app! 2. I’ve recently tipped you in recognition of your previous efforts and I vow to tip again (more than once) once it is possible to log generic state changes and recreate org-habit behavior on iOS. As others have already mentioned, this would be an absolute game changer. Again, thank you!

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How to disable this? 

See on how to create an file. This is a way to do some more advanced customisation of beorg.

There are the following variables which control what happens with state changes:

  • org-log-done
  • org-log-repeat
  • org-log-done-transition

If you set these to #f then the this automatic logging shouldn't happen.

that worked. thankyou!

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