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Dropbox file permissions ?

Not sure, but I think that BeOrg is saving files with permission 0700 (rwx for owner) to Dropbox.  I tend to use 0644 (rw for owner, r for others), but I can be convinced of other ideas.  I noticed that my Org files when rsynced to Dropbox as 0644 and then read&save by BeOrg were coming back as 0700.  Is what I'm seeing true?  Not a big deal -- I suppose I could fix this up by my rsync script to reset the permissions on syncing down to my machine...

I don't think that the Dropbox SDK has that level of control over files. I'm not sure that Dropbox itself is a great respecter of permissions - I've been unable to confirm exactly what it does with a quick Google search. I think you are probably going to need to script this to get the result you want.

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Hmm. For me personally, I can accept this. I’m not sure how this will work in a shared files scenario, though. In other words, In other words, several people sharing a large set of Org files on Dropbox. Wait to see if it comes up, though — it’s not really likely.
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