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editor-font colour and outliner-notes-color

hi Matt, 

I went through for the built-in beorg functions and variables and we do have the variable for editor-font but not the colour. I would like to change the colour of the editor font.

Next, currently we have outliner-notes-color variable left empty for using the colour from theme. And I would like to change it to the colour of the sync botton colour in the app. What is the hex code for it?


1. editor-font colour variable please

2. what is the current hex code of the colour used in the current app functions

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Good point - you can't currently change the editor font colours.

In the next update I'll add the following variables:


editor-text-color-default (i.e. not a heading)

editor-text-color-level1 (e.g. "* Title")

editor-text-color-level2 (e.g. "** Subtitle")


If these are not defined, or an empty string, then the default colours for the selected theme (i.e. light or dark mode) will be used.

Here are details of the main hex colours used in beorg:

Light theme:

action = 5B72FF

actionDetail = FFFFFF

accent = 2B4162

foregroundMain = 000000

foregroundSecondary = 555555

background = FFFFFF

groupedBackground = EFEFF4

barBackground = f0fef9

warning = FF0000

separator = C8C7CC

Dark theme:

action = 7B8EFF

actionDetail = FFFFFF

accent = EFFFFA

foregroundMain = FFFFFF

foregroundSecondary = 98989a

background = 333333

groupedBackground = 404040

barBackground = 505050

tabBackground = 505050

warning = FF0000

separator = 4d4d4d

selectedColor = 4d4d4d

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