beorg 2.12.0

Searching in beorg is now even easier. Narrowing a search by tags, todo status, priority, etc is now super quick using the search toolbar. Simply tap the toolbar actions to add to your search.

If you are a fan of the Shortcuts app then the URL scheme search action will allow for even more powerful workflows using beorg. Pass a search via the beorg URL and get back lists of matching items which you can process in a Shortcut.

Also in this release:

+ Prevent file deletion by setting file-disable-delete to #t
+ Fix for referencing inherited tags in Scheme
+ Fix for crash if certain characters put into the Quick Capture setting

If you want to see more great developments in beorg leave an in-app tip or purchase beorg extensions - dark mode, saved searches, unlimited templates and Box sync. Leave feedback and suggestions in the beorg forum.

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