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Org Mobile ?


It appears that the MobileOrg app has been deprecated from Org, but it looks like they've incorporated an Org Mobile protocol into the description of Org.  Have you seen section 15.14 of the Org manual?  How does it apply to BeOrg?  Perhaps you should adjust to it and contribute to it to help set the standard for integrating with Org?

MobileOrg takes an asymmetric sync approach, rather than syncing directly with a users org files. Whilst this does have some advantages, I imagine in conflict resolution, I feel it requires more from the user in terms of understanding how it works. I want people to use beorg who aren't necessarily already Org mode users. I'm starting to see some evidence that this is happening. One recent review on the App Store said that beorg was their "gateway drug to emacs". If I moved to the MobileOrg approach for sync users wouldn't be able to use beorg and not already be Emacs users but maybe use Org mode plugins for other text editors.

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That's a good point.  If there's anything that should be generically included in that section of the manual to help Org users prepare for syncing with a non-Emacs Org system, consider sending an update into the Org manual.  Other than that, no need to change BeOrg.

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