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Connection to iOS Reminders ?

Here's my use case:

I have a family who share iPhones with me, but are not particularly computer literate.  I've begun using OrgMode to develop a complete family database of all things that we are doing - past, present, and future.  Nice for creating a website or PDF or just managing tasks.   BeOrg is a great tool for me to manage this while I'm out and about, but BeOrg is only on my iPhone and I don't think they will understand it.   Therefore, I'd like to connect Org to iOS Reminders to kind of connect the two.

I'm wondering if BeOrg could facilitate that.  On startup, when populating the Agenda, if BeOrg finds a Task with a (well-defined) Tag, could it send the Task Header (minus Tags) to an Apple Shortcut script to create a reminder in the Reminder List of the TagName?  My assumption is that the Reminder List will be available on my iPhone and shared to all the iPhones in my family.  Extra credit would be if BeOrg could also send the Task Note to the Reminder as well.

An even nicer trick would be if there could be a trigger on the Reminder such that, when it is completed, an alert was sent back to BeOrg to mark the Task as DONE and, thus, complete the circle.  Maybe something that IFTTT could do??

What do you think?  Kind of a first step in bringing BeOrg into the standard Apple task management world...

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The next version of beorg will have support to perform a search and have the results copied as JSON to the clipboard. This will be so that you can implement such as you've described (at least in terms of beorg being readonly) using Shortcuts.

For example you could execute (with the search string suitably URL encoded, left unencoded here for readability):

beorg://x-callback-url/search?search=t Reminder s TODO

This would copy JSON similar to the following to the clipboard

   "items": [
       "title": "Matched task",
       "scheduled": ...
   "count": 1

In Shortcuts you could then create reminders for each JSON item. I guess the challenge here is to think of a way to prevent duplicates each time the Shortcut is run.

Eventually I would like to be able to allow Shortcuts / URL scheme to be able to bulk update beorg items - however this is likely some way off.

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