beorg 2.11.2

Hello beorg-ers! This release contains a few minor enhancements and a bug fix. 

Many of you have been asking for tag inheritance to be implemented. In 2.11.2 you'll find that search using tags takes into account an item's ancestor tags - for example if the item "Buy sun tan cream" has a parent "Holiday packing" with the tag "Holiday" then a search "t holiday" will return both "Holiday packing" and "Buy sun tan cream". If you use Scheme searches you'll need to switch to use item-all-tags to include inherited tags - there are separate Scheme methods to get tags specific to the item, and also the inherited tags.

In this release is the ability for advanced users to customize the priority list by setting the variable org-priorities.

Finally there is a bug fix to the recently added templates feature related to handling of dates.

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