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Drawers support

Drawers are a standard feature of org mode described in the manual They look like: ** This is a headline Still outside the drawer :DRAWERNAME: This is inside the drawer. :END: After the drawer. They can be folded or unfolded with the usual visibility cycling. On Android orgzly they are supported, and I use them there to hide code that is emacs dependent. Presently beorg simply ignore them. Drawers are also used for PROPERTIES, which are also ignored by beorg. It would be nice to add them at least in visibility cycling to ensure compatibility with beorg and orgzly.

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I’d like to add in to this about drawers if I may. When marking repeating tasks as done, could we specify a drawer to contain these completions? Emacs has `log-to-drawer` that I use on my computer and it works very well for all the habits I keep track of, but I always end up manually shuffling the text around after a completion ticked in beorg.

In beorg this is called org-log-into-drawer - setting that to something other than #f will log state changes and clock/timer entries. Note that clock/timer entries default to LOGBOOK so even if #f they get put into a drawer.

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