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Drawers support

Drawers are a standard feature of org mode described in the manual They look like: ** This is a headline Still outside the drawer :DRAWERNAME: This is inside the drawer. :END: After the drawer. They can be folded or unfolded with the usual visibility cycling. On Android orgzly they are supported, and I use them there to hide code that is emacs dependent. Presently beorg simply ignore them. Drawers are also used for PROPERTIES, which are also ignored by beorg. It would be nice to add them at least in visibility cycling to ensure compatibility with beorg and orgzly.

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It's been a minute since revisiting this issue. I'm happy to help out if I can, but even with the latest app version, I'm still not seeing repeated events log into the LOGBOOK.

I probably should have documented this better. I did make a change back in August 2022 to add a new org-log-done-transition variable. If this is set to #t then all done state changes will be logged. If org-log-into-drawer is set to, for example, LOGBOOK then that state change will be added to the logbook.

If this isn't working please send me your and I will take a look at this in early September.

What is the status of drawer visibility cycling? I still see property drawers, and there's no obvious way to hide them.

This is something I need to revisit at some point. So unfortunately no progress on this.

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