beorg 2.11.0/2.11.1

2.11.1 contains a fix affecting new users who choose to use Dropbox sync. Meanwhile here are the release notes for what is new and exciting in 2.11:

The big new feature in this release is templates. Journaling, daily reviews, high priority tasks for tomorrow - just a few ideas for how templates make beorg even more useful. A beorg template can automatically fill in an item title, notes, assign a state, priority, dates - and even save the new item to a specific place in a file. You can create two templates for free - for unlimited template creation there is an in-app purchase.
* NEW: Swipe up on (+) button to access templates
* NEW: Add/edit/delete templates
* NEW: Create a new item from a template
* NEW: Use templates in URL scheme for capture. Add template=TEMPLATE NAME to apply a template to the capture, include edit=true parameter to allow user to edit capture. For example beorg://x-callback-url/capture?template=Journal&edit=true
* NEW: Get user to confirm cancelling add/edit item if changes have been made
* NEW: Improve rendering of links which look like [[#C1][Contact1]]
* NEW: Scheme functions to get and set pasteboard/clipboard. (pasteboard) gets the current pasteboard string value, (pasteboard-set! "hello") sets the pasteboard to the string "hello"
* NEW: Hook to be executed after a manual sync has completed. For example (set! after-manual-sync-hook (lambda () (open-url "working-copy://x-callback-url/commit?repo=org&limit=10))) uses Working Copy to commit changes to your org files
* Fix for links in labels in agenda and todo list sometimes not being correctly applied
* Fix for crash where some remote file details are missing
* Fix for attempting to schedule a notification with missing details
* Fix for crash on start if certain Scheme functions are accessed that invoke native code
* Fix for crash if synced file doesn't have a last modified date
* Fix for row being selected which doesn't have a corresponding node ref
* Fix for crash if a space is put in the quick capture file setting

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