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Comments ignored some places but not others

I have old times on a event commented out. They don’t show up under notes until I hit edit, but they’re used for the timestamp of the event. It would be nice if the timestamp peeing correctly skipped over comments. Thanks!

s/peeing/parsing/, thanks autocorrect

Could you provide an example snippet from your Org file so I can look into this. Thanks!

I have a potentially related concern.

Many of my org entries have commented SCHEDULED and DEADLINE fields (i.e., lines like `# SCHEDULED<...>` where `#` begins a comment ).

I expected beorg to ignore commented lines, but instead these items appear in the agenda using the commented scheduled and deadline fields.

I request that beorg respect comments and not parse commented lines. Thank you!

This will be fixed in the next beorg update. Any lines which start with "# " (preceded by optional whitespace) will be ignored for the purposes of parsing dates.

Sorry it took a while to respnd Jesse to your post - it got filed in spam and only just spotted today.

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