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Notifications not working

beorg v 2.10.0

iOS 12.1.4

I setup a task with a scheduled time say: 23 Feb 2019 at 3:00 PM

In beorg settings I have Timed task reminders (minutes) set to 30

So I should expect a notification at 2:30 PM right? I don't get a notification. I tried multiple times with all the time options -- scheduled time, deadline time and show time, but the notifications don't fire.

The app icon badge doesn't show the count of the overdue tasks as well. Am i missing some setting?

Appreciate any help on this!

First step is to check your notification settings for beorg. In the Settings app scroll down until you see beorg and then on the next screen select Notifications. Make sure Allow Notifications is turned on and the alerts, sounds and badges are set. If that doesn't help then in beorg go to the Settings tab, tap the top right button and type: (log-contents) This will output what notifications beorg is scheduling, amongst some other debug data. If no clues from the above please raise a ticket.

Hi Matthew,

Thanks for responding quickly. I checked the notification settings. They are turned on for beorg as mentioned above. After running (log-contents) I got 69 notifications scheduled. I have many org-entries scheduled with +1 (birthdays), so I am seeing notifications set for them for 6 years already. Maybe that is clogging the notification stream and the other notifications aren't getting prioritized?

I have raised a ticket #1911 and added these details there.


That is a possibility - each iOS app is limited to 64 notifications. Although the notifications which are kept if this limit is exceed should be those which fire soonest.

I'm rewriting the logic which schedules notifications to sort the notifications before they get scheduled, and only request from the code which constructs tasks eligable for scheduling notifications to those occuring in the next couple of months. Hopefully this should sort out your issue. In initial tests the order in which they are scheduled is now more logical and stops future events (possibly generated by repeat modifiers) taking priority over earlier tasks.

When the next release is made public see if your issue is solved. If not please let me know. I hope to have the next release out early in March.


Hey Matthew,

I'm facing the same issue. I can't reliably see notifications, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Is there anything I can do to make it work or help debug?


Use the (log-contents) command in the REPL to see what notifications beorg is scheduling. Feel free to get in contact with me via email with the output.

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Hello I have the same issue. I cannot see any notifications. What can I share from the log that would be helpful.

In the log you should see something similar to:

08:41:46 Scheduling notification: {

    title = "Put up Christmas tree";

    when = "2019-12-07 09:00:00 +0000";


08:41:46 Finished scheduling notifications: {

    count = 1;


You'll get one "Scheduling notification" entry for each notification followed by a count of the total number. Take a look at the "when" time to see when the notification should appear on your device.

Thanks. I do see some items listed, but they are all future ones. If I add a new task with notification for today, it is not listed. Funny enough I just had a reminder Fire this morning. It was not one I set a time for so it fired at the start of day.

If you add a task for today, but with no time, then it won't get scheduled unless added before the notification time for all day tasks configured on the Settings tab.

If you add a task with a time and there is less than 30 minutes to go (or whatever delay has been configured on the Settings tab) that also won't get scheduled.

If however it is, say, 11am and you add a task for 2:30pm then that should be scheduled.

Do any of the above apply to how you are testing this?

Ah- I think that was the issue! Thank you.
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