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Can't get Dropbox or Box sync to work.

I have been successfully using icloud sync for a while now. All the folders are there, and the sync works. I've now got multiple ios devices with more than one Apple ID, so icloud won't sync the same org text files over different ID's. Have tried both Dropbox & Box, both syncs have failed. I installed the app, activated the account, linked it in beorg. First sync says 'error downloading files, something went wrong'. Same thing for both services. Is it something simple that I have overlooked? Willing to provide screenies. Any tips or guidance is appreciated!

Just for reference - we've resolved this via email. I'm going to look to add a FAQ to help other users in the near future.

Can you please tell me what the solution was? I have a similar problem. beorg cannot see any file.

Could you provide some more details about your issue? In the previous case it was making sure that the directory existed on the other sync service before having beorg successfully start working. The user copied across the files outside of beorg and then used a fresh install of beorg.

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My issue was actually resolved. My beorg was linked to a previous Dropbox account I no longer used, unlinking and linking it again sufficed.

This happened because I had previously installed and uninstalled beorg, and it retained the link settings.

Good news! The Dropbox SDK stores its credentials (sensibly) in the keychain which doesn't get wiped when an app is uninstalled - but this can be confusing when you expect everything to be reset when reinstalling. Thanks for your update.

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