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Bug in notifications of hyperlinks

When I create an Org file for a major project, one section is  my "Contacts" header under which I put a header for each contact along with any info about the contact.  Then, throughout the rest of the project file, I can refer back to the contact by an internal hyperlink of the form [[#my_id][name]].  When I do that in a TODO  header that displays well in BeOrg, but doesn't display well when BeOrg notifies me of the TODO at the (say) SCHEDULEd time in an iOS popup.  Basically, the popup will strip the "[[" and the "]]" and display the rest of the header.  That looks strange.  My suggestion is:

1. Pickup the whole hyperlink

2. Strip the outer {}

3. If there is two pair of [] remaining, then

3a. Strip the first pair of [] and it's contents

3b. Strip the remaining pair of [] but not it's contents

4. If there is only one pair of [] remaining, then

4a. Strip the remaining pair of [] but not it's contents

There was an error in a regular expression which was doing odd things when trying to make the link looker 'nicer' in notifications. Whilst beorg still doesn't support properties I've also made a minor improvement so that a link in the agenda for [[#C1][Contact1]] will now at least take you to the correct file rather than trying to create a new file. Properties support is definitely on the cards and when implemented these links should then work as in Emacs/Org mode.

You'll see this fixed (at least the rendering) in the next update which should early March.

The simple sample would be:

* Contact1




Phone: 123-4567

* TODO Call [[#C1][Contact1]]

Talk to him about the project.

I'll  look to improve handling of this type of link in a future update. If  you could send me a snippet of a sample org file with the structure  you've described that would be helpful.

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