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Is it possible to search for entries NOT containing given tag?

 I tag some headlines with `:PROJECT:`. I'd like to have two saved searches:

- Waiting for projects:  `s WAIT t PROJECT`

- Waiting for tasks:        `s WAIT -t PROJECT`  ==> I'd like to search for everything that is not tagged as PROJECT. Is it possible?

You can't currently exclude tags using the simple search syntax. What you can do is write a query in Scheme, for example

(and (string=? (item-state item) "WAIT") (not (member "PROJECT" (item-tags item))))

I will enhance the simple search syntax in the future to allow for your use case as Scheme searches, whilst powerful, are a little verbose.

Just write the Scheme query wherever you would write a normal search.

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The Scheme query works nicely, thank you!

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