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TODO items marked DONE but with CLOSED timestamp

I love the easy TODO/DONE swipe-switching in the TODO view of the app. The drawback is that in beorg when a TODO is converted to DONE, no `CLOSED: [timestamp]` is inserted, like it would be in Emacs.

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+1 for task state change logging, including for repeated tasks.

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@Kevin good points about more general state change logging and repeated tasks. 

I'm going to take a look at this relatively soon. I'm probably going to delegate this to a Scheme method and provide a sensible default implementation - then users with a more custom workflow can replace the Scheme implementation with their own as they see fit.

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Awesome—looking forward to this. I think task completion logging, including repeated tasks, would be a huge help. Logging other state changes, e.g., TODO -> WAITING, is a much lower priority that can certainly be relegated to Scheme methods. Thank you so much for this project!
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