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TODO items marked DONE but with CLOSED timestamp

I love the easy TODO/DONE swipe-switching in the TODO view of the app. The drawback is that in beorg when a TODO is converted to DONE, no `CLOSED: [timestamp]` is inserted, like it would be in Emacs.

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No problem, thanks for confirming it is working.

I can’t thank you enough @Matthew Kennard for this latest addition (repeated task state logging). It took me a while to get around to thanking you because I’ve been so engrossed in customizing my beorg workflow now that I practically live in your app. By far my favorite app. Keep up the good work!

Thanks Kevin!

Is the configuration of this feature documented?

I do want the completion date to be logged for most one-off items, but not for recurring items like "water the plants" because that's just happening too often :)

The per-item properties work in Emacs, but not beorg:


SCHEDULED: <2019-09-05 Thu 14:00 +1w>


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