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TODO items marked DONE but with CLOSED timestamp

I love the easy TODO/DONE swipe-switching in the TODO view of the app. The drawback is that in beorg when a TODO is converted to DONE, no `CLOSED: [timestamp]` is inserted, like it would be in Emacs.

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+1 for task state change logging, including for repeated tasks.

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@Kevin good points about more general state change logging and repeated tasks. 

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I'm going to take a look at this relatively soon. I'm probably going to delegate this to a Scheme method and provide a sensible default implementation - then users with a more custom workflow can replace the Scheme implementation with their own as they see fit.

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Awesome—looking forward to this. I think task completion logging, including repeated tasks, would be a huge help. Logging other state changes, e.g., TODO -> WAITING, is a much lower priority that can certainly be relegated to Scheme methods. Thank you so much for this project!

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Also +1 on this logging. I basically just want to have a good story of "what kinda tasks did I complete on a given date". I'd even send tips for this. I tried setting TODO keywords in settings to TODO and DONE(!) , but this was taken literally. Then tried setting org-todo-keywords in Didn't work. Then also tried to put a line "#+TODO: TODO | DONE(!)" into Didn't work either :/

Thanks @Matthew Kennard for adding the CLOSED timestamp line for DONE tasks in the latest update. Beorg is now so close to being  an app that I live in. I still handle all task completion in org-mode since there's no automated way to log state changes for repeating tasks, so I end up not using beorg all that often. The ability to log DONE for repeating tasks would be a total game changer.

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I'd written the code for this when adding support for CLOSED timestamps and notes it just needed a little more testing. This should be available in the next update.

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That's so exciting to hear. Looking forward to the next release!

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Just wanted to add that I also would like to have closing time stamps for recurring tasks. Without them it's not possible to see when the last occurences were.

Personally I prefer orgmode standard behaviour for those time stamps and probably a status for each keyword change would be nice as well.


beorg 2.14.1 will log state changes when recurring tasks are closed - this will probably be released this week, just waiting on approval from Apple. beorg doesn't yet have support for property drawers so won't include the LAST_REPEAT yet - but that will be coming in a future update.

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Then I am looking forward to get it. I am also in your testflight group and maybe it will be available as beta soon. :-)

Since yesterday I have the mentioned 2.14.1 version. I marked varoius recurring tasks as done, but unfortunately I don't see any additional logging of the state change. 

Make sure you are not overriding org-log-repeat in your It should be set to 'time for logging to occur.

As a test try the following:

+ In beorg tap the + to create a new item

+ Set Scheduled to today and repeat to every 1 weeks

+ Still on the New Item screen change the state from TODO to a DONE state

+ You should see added in the Notes section something similar to: State "DONE" from "TODO" [2019-05-23 Thu 10:46]

If the above doesn't check that the state you are setting the item to is in your "Done States" as defined on the Settings screen.

If the above does work please paste the contents of a sample item onto the forum with a repeat modifier for which changing to a done state isn't logging as it should.

Okay you're right. I can confirm it works. I expected somehow like a CLOSED:XXXX text, but your solution is like the original org behaviour and somehow I overlooked it. Sorry for the unnecessary trouble.

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