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Custom Agenda Date Ranges

The Emacs Org Agenda supports several different views with different time ranges such as day, week, fortnight, month, and year along with custom ranges through the org-agenda-span variable (

I prefer setting org-agenda-span to 10 days instead of the default week view as I don't care for past days and find 10 days to be a good range for my future tasks to be aware of.

Would it be possible to add a similar setting to the beorg agenda view?

Thank you!

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A possibility for the future is for you to define a beorg view - which would combine search and a specification for how items should be grouped (e.g. by day, file, priority, etc). No ETA yet on this but adding this would make a number of higher level features much easier to implement - as well as being something power users could really get their teeth into.

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