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File editing save issues

This is probably a bug and a feature request. When editing an org file directly, sometimes, when switching apps and some time has lapsed, the latest edits added in the editor disappear. Other times it seems to auto-save/sync. It would be best if that never happened, though obviously, but I would add that a “save/sync” button in the editor would be nice. Right now you have to leave the file to get back to a higher level in the app in order to save/sync.

I've identified a bug when editing the plain text for a whole file. When the app goes into the background the file wasn't being saved. This will be fixed in 2.10.0 (should be released next week). I'll be doing some other work in the next version to tighten up a number of other places to help if the app gets killed during an edit.

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Thanks, Matthew!

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