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Indentation and colour

Hello, First of all. Thank you for this app! All I can say is: at last someone did it :) I have and will continue to support development using tips. Now, a couple of requests to consider: 1. Could we have correct indentation of sub trees? It is a bit confusing. 2. Could we have color coding of headings depending on the level. You are probably aware of these already but I didn’t see a request so I thought I will make it official. Again thanks for the great work! Dionysis

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Thank you for your suggestions.

For number 1 could you provide a little more detail as to what you are expecting to see vs what beorg is currently doing.

Number 2 sounds like a great idea. Currently the color and font is controlled by the Scheme variables outliner-headline-font and outliner-headline-color. I'll look to add to this variants for specific levels with a sensible set of defaults (but of course you could then customise as needed).

Ah, yes sorry. I wasn't very clear now that I read my post.

For 1 at the moment we have:


and I feel it should be:


I am going to have a look at the configuration options for 2. Thanks!

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