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Indentation and colour

Hello, First of all. Thank you for this app! All I can say is: at last someone did it :) I have and will continue to support development using tips. Now, a couple of requests to consider: 1. Could we have correct indentation of sub trees? It is a bit confusing. 2. Could we have color coding of headings depending on the level. You are probably aware of these already but I didn’t see a request so I thought I will make it official. Again thanks for the great work! Dionysis

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Thank you for your suggestions.

For number 1 could you provide a little more detail as to what you are expecting to see vs what beorg is currently doing.

Number 2 sounds like a great idea. Currently the color and font is controlled by the Scheme variables outliner-headline-font and outliner-headline-color. I'll look to add to this variants for specific levels with a sensible set of defaults (but of course you could then customise as needed).

Ah, yes sorry. I wasn't very clear now that I read my post.

For 1 at the moment we have:


and I feel it should be:


I am going to have a look at the configuration options for 2. Thanks!

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I would like to have an update on this as well.

Sorry - I missed the answer to my question in this forum post. Thanks for the prod Yigit!

I based the indentation on OmniOutliner. This indentation has been designed to optimise fold and unfold via touch on iPhone and iPad. With the current system the indicator is left aligned so the left hand column becomes the touch target to fold/unfold and the right side the touch target to select a row. For the second screenshot shown above a deeply nested outline could have the indicators push quite far right so it wouldn't be clear to users where the touch target for folding is.

Potentially the solution here is not to move the indicator but for some other visualisation to be included - for example a faint dotted line with small vertical marks to clearly indicate the level in the outline. I'll do some thinking around this and maybe post a prototype to see what people think.

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