beorg 2.9.0 - introducing repeating tasks

beorg 2.9.0 delivers the ability to define and edit repeating tasks.

Monthly sales meeting? Weekly gardening? Daily jog? Set tasks to repeat on daily, weekly, monthly or yearly intervals. Choose how a task gets updated when completed - whether the date should be increased from the task date or today. Repeating tasks are available to all users in this latest release.

There are a number of other improvements and fixes in this release:

  • A bug with occasional issues with blank space underneath content when the keyboard is dismissed has been squashed
  • When searching from the TODO tab the file headers only count tasks not all items in the summary
  • You can't get around a file being readonly by editing the complete file text anymore
  • Links to emails created using org-mac-message-insert-link or similar now should work in beorg
  • Rendering of content now better supports \\ to start a new line and BEGIN_QUOTE should work more-or-less as expected
  • Some REPL bug fixes

If you are an Org mode user please note that repeating tasks don't yet support warning periods or org-habit style modifiers. These will be added in a future release.

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