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OneDrive support

Well, that is it, really: support for OneDrive as a storage backend would be awesome.

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That is kinda interesting and the deeply wanna-have-it folks could work on the implement. How would you see that working?  (he said... thinking... "hey, I know javascript... "... =p ).

beorg would provide an API which could then be  used in conjunction with JavaScript libraries provided for OneDrive, Dropbox, etc access so sync code could be decoupled from the beorg binary. Then for sync methods which have relatively few users - or where I am not going to get around to adding - then members of the community could write JavaScript which could be plugged into beorg. However all just theory at the moment, I haven't had time to look into this yet.


Office 365/student subscriptions come with 1 tb of storage, and onedrive works across linux/mac/windows. Box currently doesn't have a good bidirectional sync client otherwise I would use that. Thanks for your work!

OneDrive for Business connects to the Files app. Although I don't have a clue how this interface works, it looks like a very generic interface. Wouldn't it be feasible to use the Files app indirectly to connect to available cloud services?

This is something I want to look at.

I would really like this. My personal files use iCloud, but my company recently required all cloud storage & sync to use OneDrive for Business and prohibited all others. The majority of my tasks are business related, so if I had to pick one, I'd prefer to sync my work files. I don't know if integrating with the Files app would make multiple sync folders using different backends a possibility, but that's a secondary issue.


Alternatively, support for file access through the Files app under iOS 11+ would be great. This would automatically give access to any cloud storage provider that has a Files integration, including, but not limited to OneDrive. 

(I started a separate FR for this, as it's not limited to OneDrive.)

Do you know whether OneDrive allows another app to pick a folder - for example in iA Writer you can choose a folder and then edit files in it from iA Writer transparently. I'm finding some apps haven't implemented support for this.

I use OneDrive more than iCloud or Dropbox and would love for it to be natively supported. WebDAV for OneDrive should have been sufficient but I can’t make it work. I’ve contributed to beorg in the past. I’d pay for OneDrive support over dark mode.
I’m also locked in to OneDrive (which I think is a good product) and would love beorg support. I’d be happy to participate in a fundraiser for that and file options!

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Adding my +1 to this idea; while I use iCloud for all my personal stuff, my employer uses Office/Microsoft 365 and blocks iCloud.

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