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OneDrive support

Well, that is it, really: support for OneDrive as a storage backend would be awesome.

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I like the idea, that would be nice to have support for several storage backends.

I use Dropbox just for BeOrg sync, my usual cloud storage is Google Drive.

If people want to use this post as a place to put their vote in for OneDrive support that would be great. There are many different storage backends - each of which has an overhead for ongoing maintenance, so I want to make sure there are sufficient users before adding additional options.

Support for OneDrive for Business would be nice.


I just found out about this app and am about to go and find my Dropbox details to use it. I live in OneDrive (personal and business accounts) nowadays.

+1 I work for the US govt and Dropbox is blocked but OneDrive isn't so I use only OneDrive.
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