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Can I put my own macros in an easy-to-access place?

Suppose I want to write a few of my own Scheme functions to implement custom features, such as unusual ways of finding and displaying search results, or perhaps unusual ways of using sheets or forms to capture and format input (e.g. I might fill in a form (odometer reading, quantity of fuel purchased, unit cost) every time I put gasoline in my car), or maybe a quick two-button way to tell the file browser to open file "personal" and unfold a given subset of headlines and then center the screen on a given headline.

(a) Would it make sense to have an optional fifth item on the main "agenda / todo / files / settings" toolbar, e.g. "agenda / todo / files / scripts / settings" for people inclined to write some Scheme?

(b) Would it make sense eventually to make even more of the beorg functionality scriptable in Scheme?

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I would eventually like Scheme scripts to be executable outside of the editor/searches - and then to provide a logical way to provide access to them. One major feature planned for the new year is a home screen/dashboard. This would be customisable to allow users to determine what gets shown - this could include a section to run specific Scheme commands. Eventually I hope to expand what you can do with Scheme although that will be dependent in part to growing revenue from beorg.

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