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Hey Siri, show me my project in BeOrg

In order to quickly review a project, it would be nice to call up the project via Siri.  I imagine this could be done by adding a SIRI_NAME property to each project (it will need guidelines on acceptable names) similar to CUSTOM_ID that BeOrg could search for in its initial scan of the Org files.  Then, when asked for the project, BeOrg would show the file that the  project is in narrowed to the project with subheaders closed (let the user decide what he's looking for).  I would say to use the CUSTOM_ID property that is for hyperlinks for this, but that has to be one word and I tend to think it won't be an English word that Siri will be able to recognize.

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That sounds like a great idea. I've made a note and will look to add something similar to this in a future update. Using Siri Shortcuts you would need to explicitly speak a phrase to assign to a heading, but when done then that would be linked to an id stored in a property drawer.


Did this happen?  If so, could you explain how to do it?  Or did I miss it's explanation?

This hasn't happened yet. It's another feature waiting on my implementation of property drawers

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