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allow zoom-in gesture when viewing read-only files

I love beorg.  I have a ton of information stored mainly in plain lists that live beneath headlines.  They are all formatted for easy viewing in emacs on a real computer.  And now that I have learned how to mark a subset of files as read-only, all of my reference data are read-only from beorg.

But when looking at my reference data from beorg (all of which is read-only), it would be great to be able to do the standard two-finger zoom-in gesture to see in more detail the text stored beneath a given headline.  This is especially helpful if I am walking down the street and do not want to take the time to put on my reading glasses!

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Hi Bill. A two finger zoom-in gesture would likely be less accurate than tapping on the heading expand indicator - or is your idea that you could use a zoom-in gesture to automatically expand all items, and then pinch to collapse. I could see that working potentially well.

Hi Matthew.  I actually meant using a zoom-in gesture to increase the text size for an already-expanded item.  Most of my headlines have pretty large blocks of text beneath them, which tend to be wrapped at column 70.  It's occasionally nice to zoom in to see how I spelled someone's last name or to read a street address or similar, stored in the text of a paragraph or a plain list that lives inside of a headline.

Hi Bill. You can change the font used for the notes if you are happy to write a little bit of Scheme. If you tap the Settings tab, then the REPL button (top right) and select the link "Show" you'll see the variables which can be changed in section 8 (Outliner). You'll probably want to change outliner-notes-font. So if you create a new file in beorg called init and then enter the following you'll change the notes font to a Menlo at size 20:

#+BEGIN_SRC scheme

(set! outliner-notes-font "Menlo 20")


I think a zoom-in gesture in the outliner itself may not be clear to all users. Potentially something involving 3D touch might work, but then the future of 3D touch is not entirely clear.

Hi Matthew.   Yes, I'm comfortable writing Scheme, and I've already chosen a small monospace font that makes long lines, tables, etc. display readably when rotated into landscape mode.  If it did turn out to be straightforward to allow zoom gesture in outliner itself (when in read-only mode), it could perhaps be off by default and enabled via scheme code.

I guess another option may be that if one pushes the "org-export" button to render the file, the exported/rendered version could open in a state that is centered at the part of the outline that one is looking at in the outline editor, since the viewer for the exported/rendered document respects the zoom gesture.  But it often takes some time to scroll all the way down to whatever one is looking at.

(Or the rendered document could itself be foldable/unfoldable!)


You can export just a particular node which may help. Hold down your finger on the node to export and then in the action menu there is an Export... option.

I do intend to give your requirement more thought however.

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Doh!  I can already get the result I want by holding my thumb down on the desired part of the outline (e.g. one headline) and then clicking "export" to export just that subtree.  That works fine except for things that need a monospace font to look good. 

I also notice that most exported tables look surprisingly bad on the iphone screen within beorg, even though they seem to look fine when converted to PDF or shared to my mac's browser.  For instance, this table

| year | BP     | HR | glu | cho | HDL | rat | LDL | tri |
| 2018 | 113/71 | 55 |  84 | 168 |  56 | 3.0 |  93 |  94 |
| 2017 | 108/72 | 55 |  99 | 165 |  55 | 3.0 |     |     |
| 2016 | 113/73 | 59 |  88 | 194 |  52 | 3.7 | 126 |  78 |
| 2015 | 109/75 | 61 | 110 | 152 |  57 | 2.7 |     |     |
| 2014 | 115/73 | 61 |  98 | 147 |  54 | 2.7 |     |     |

looks like the first attached screen shot within beorg's export, though it looks fine (second screenshot) once beorg's export sends it elsewhere to view. 

(BTW no, I don't consider the contents of this table to be confidential.)

The screenshots are a little tiny - could you post some larger ones so I can see whats happening? My guess is that maybe I need to enforce a minimum column width on tables and then scroll them horizontally when they are viewed via the export on the screen (before the PDF is generated). Do you think this would help?

I thought I had replied to this earlier, but maybe I forgot to hit "post."  If you click on the "Screen Shot ..." link text, you get a full-size image.  If you click on the thumbnail, you see the thumbnail.  (This must be a feature of freshdesk.)

I think if the columns width viewed via export on the screen works the same way as when you share the export out to Safari or to a PDF, that would be fine.  For whatever reason, the columns view with an absurdly small width when viewing the export within beorg.

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