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BeOrg Capture a Picture Task

Sometimes, there isn't enough time to capture a task the normal way, so taking a picture would be a nice alternative.  The idea is that you snap a quick picture and BeOrg fills in the where and when and drops it into your capture file for processing later.

Perhaps the pictures could be stored in a Dropbox or iCloud folder or maybe there is an Org package to help with this?

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In the Shortcuts app there is a "Dictate Text" action which uses Siri to convert speech into text. You can then construct a URL using the beorg URL scheme to add to your agenda. In the roadmap however will be adding a Siri intent to beorg so that you can capture directly without needing to use the Shortcuts app (which has the disadvantage of needing to unlock your phone to complete).

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I've added this to my possible future features list. I'm not yet decided whether I want beorg to work with non-text items, however I'm happy to be lead on this by comments in the forum from users. Once subfolders are supported it will become more feasible to do this - for example there might be an attachments folder for files which have pictures added.

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Hi David: Do you actually have working somehow a way to use Siri to do speech-to-text to be captured into your beorg capture file?  If so, can you please share how you do it?

When I want to do that, I currently just have Siri send a short email to myself, which I later type into orgmode when I return to my desk.

Hi Bill;  Matthew actually posted in the BeOrg twitter account about how to do that with Siri and added the capability to the latest BeOrg (I think).  The basics are that you use Apple Shortcuts to interface BeOrg with Siri.  The Shortcuts app will capture the Siri information and transcribe it which can then be sent to BeOrg as a ToDo.  I think there is documentation in the BeOrg manual or maybe Matt will layout some examples here.

Siri already covers audio issues where you want to capture a quick voice reminder and drop it into the capture file, so I don't think there is much of a use case for caturing audio files into a folder.  Picture files, though, would be very useful for when you spot a problem in the (say) house.  A picture is worth a thousand words.

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