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Links in titles of TODO items

I often end up putting links in the titles of my todo items. Is it possible for beorg to render an actionable link if it’s in the title?

 So that beorg can recognise links in the titles of todo items surround by [[ and ]]. For example [[]].

You can also provide a description, for example [[][Link to the beorg website]].

Coming soon the next version of beorg you will be able to better link to other files in beorg. Here are some examples:

[[inbox]] - link to

[[]] - link to

[[]] - link to

[[inbox::Maybe tasks]] - link to the item "Maybe tasks" in the file

[[::Top Priority]] - link to the item "Top Priority" only for the current file

That's great Matthew, thanks! The links that seems to get the most mangled are the links to emails I save from mu4e which have this format:


[[mu4e:msgid:MSG_ID_HERE][Title of link]] 


Will that format work in a title in the upcoming version?

In the latest development code for the link for provided beorg will render it as follows (i.e. it won't change it and will show verbatim):


It is whether it is best to leave unchanged unrecognised links or just to show the link text - although beorg wouldn't be able to link to mu4e messages so it might be clearer to users to just leave unchanged and not replace with a link.

Having it shown verbatim makes it difficult to process via Siri shortcuts or other programs like Pythonista.

Is your preference then for links which beorg can't handle just to render the provided description? So in your example beorg would just show "Title of link" without any actual link? Or it could be that there is a link which when tapped says "beorg cannot handle this". Although in your comment you reference processing via Pythonsita - in that case the raw text in the Org file would be processed rather than any rendering by beorg. If I've not understood you correctly please provide another example.

I apologize for not being clear. My desired behavior is to render a tappable link that I can tap + hold to pull up a share menu to then process via Pythonista/Shortcuts etc. Worse case if I tapped the link it would say "Beorg cannot handle this". 

Thanks for the clarification Adam. I'll add this as a task to look at in the future release.

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