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Formatting requirements

Something you could discuss is the expectations that BeOrg has in the format of the Org files (if any).

  • Blank lines -- I put in blank lines for readability.  Will BeOrg remove them and where?  Be precise.
  • Auto-fill -- Should we fill paragraphs or let it wrap at the end of a line?  I'm an old Emacs user, so I tend to turn on auto-fill.
  • CRLF vs NL -- How does BeOrg hand EOL?  If I mostly edit on a PC (CRLF), will that cause problems with BeOrg?
  • How is BeOrg on other character sets?
  • Anything else?

There is a new setting to add blank lines between headers. Add...

(set! beorg-add-newline-between-headlines #t) your Possibly still not quite what some of you are looking for so hope to continue to make improvements here.

Thanks Matthew! Could you guide me to where should be stored? Is it in the root org folder? I added it and the setting you posted, but the app doesn't seem to respect spacing still. Anything I'm missing?

Oh! That's a "set!, not "setl" !

I'd been using init to set  the tag column as Emacs and Beorg disagree, but I recently noticed it wasn't working and reset it in Emacs.

I’m also interested in keeping the formatting as found in the file. Not only blank lines but also the position of tags. I edit the raw file with a text editor sometimes and then prefer my own readability whitespacing.

@koen that would be unfortunately quite difficult to do with the way beorg is currently implemented. beorg reads in a file and parsing it into some internal data structures (e.g. it extracts the state, priority, headline text and tags as separate pieces of information) and then when a change is made it recreates the file. Potentially you could imagine an approach where any edits are made directly on the text, but this isn't the approach taken by beorg. What is more likely is that there are hints to beorg that when writing the file it should follow a particular defined formatting.

There is currently one formatting setting in beorg which may be helpful to you - org-tags-column (this should work in a very similar way to the Emacs/Org mode equivalent).

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I am currently seeing Beorg translate:

<2022-10-25 Tue 13:00-14:00>


<2022-10-25 Tue 13:00>--<2022-10-25 Tur 14:00>


Currently beorg's understanding of time/date ranges isn't quite right. I need to update beorg to differentiate between a time range and an explicitly expressed start and end date.

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